Improve Campaign Success by Leveraging User Experience: Part 2

This is a post I wrote available HERE. I am posting on this site to make it more widely available.


targetIn my earlier post, I shared two tips on how to perform campaign tracking beyond what a typical web analytics solution can provide. The goal is to avoid providing a negative user experience that would ruin and otherwise well run campaign. The first tip was to set up Tealeaf with performance metrics in order to measure your campaign’s user-experience. The second tip was to add campaign IDs to a group list, allowing you to quickly identify campaigns that may be having an issue. In this post, I’ll give you two more tips on this topic.

Tip #3: Measure Conversion
Don’t forget your KPIs! If you’re a retailer, make sure you track your orders. If you’re a B2B company, make sure you keep track of your leads, etc. Look at your success counts over campaign click-through ratios. Use the dimensional analysis capabilities in Tealeaf to hone-in on differences that merit replay of a few sessions in order to understand the user experience. Keep track of what campaign groups are converting and which ones are not. Replay sessions that convert well and sessions that don’t and look for stark differences.

Tip #4: Non-Converting Metrics
There’s no avoiding it—some campaigns are going to be more successful than others. But don’t leave it to pure conversion rates to understand the campaign success and the user experience. Some campaigns do well at conversion, some are good for branding, others may have unexpected outcomes.

  1. Registration: Did the user register? If so, he may be open to further marketing, and that’s a win in itself.
  2. Abandoned Revenue: Did the user add products to the cart and then abandon? If he went into the checkout process, chances are you have a way to contact him again. Look at the campaigns that generate large amounts of abandoned revenue to find prospects that are open to more marketing. That means additional opportunity.
  3. Information Pages: Did the users spend a lot of time on information pages? Chances are you just successfully placed your brand in the mind of the user. A branding success.
  4. Don’t forget REPLAY: before you kill a campaign make sure there are no unexpected outcomes. Walk through the customer experience by replaying 5-10 sessions in Tealeaf. You may be surprised by what you find.

Although there may be some overlaps with the metrics you are tracking in your web analytics tool, adding campaign tracking to Tealeaf gives a holistic view of what your prospects experience when they click through from a campaign. Keep your eyes open for anomalies and stark differences. Then understand what’s going on by replaying web sessions. It’s a great way to be further informed about the campaigns you have running at your company.

How do you track your campaigns in terms of how well they are performing from a user’s point of view?

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