My name is Ryan Ekins. Having worked in various functions in the measurement world I am very interested in how data is used to interact with people and change lives. The web is a great spot to pull in a ton of data for analysis and I look forward to the days when these types of optimizations can be applied to anything. With the advent of the internet and the coming of optimized petabyte storage and access I believe we are just seeing the beginnings of how analytics can optimize the world around us. We no longer need to take guesses at how the entire population of data is performing, we have the ENTIRE population of data and the world is turning more and more to data-mining rather than statistics. I hope to give any insights about this exciting industry as I learn about it in my own course of business.

-Ryan Ekins

The views and opinions in this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of my present, past and future employers.


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